Existing Subwatershed Bike Routes


Existing Bike Routes

The above map shows the locations of existing bike routes in the Walnut and San Jose Creek Subwatersheds.  Planning for better bike connectivity throughout the subwatersheds will allow for better access to existing parks and recreation opportunities and other destinations throughout the county while alleviating road congestion and pollution.  Click on the above map to see the details.

Sources for map data: Metro, Open Street Map, Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, Los Angeles County, Council for Watershed Health, John Tangenberg, Claremont Graduate University, LAC DPW, USGS, ESRI, and TANA


Project Area

Regional County Map

Los Angeles Basin

The project scope is in the East San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County. This is focused on the potential of Thompson, San Jose, and Walnut creeks to support east/west links to major north/south corridors such as the San Gabriel and Los Angeles rivers.

Los Angeles Basin Watersheds

The project boundaries were defined by the shape of the landscape. Watersheds and subwatersheds refer to the catchment areas for surface water flow. Water is a major component of many environmental issues, and this approach is intended to support holistic considerations.

Subwatershed Project Boundaries

Subwatershed Project Boundaries

Sources for map data: Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, United States Geological Survey, ESRI, and TANA